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Good day (summer 2014)
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Celebrating a good day of exploration in cliff/ocean Aussie crevasses, 2014
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The taste of summer 2014
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I made friends today (July 9, 2014)
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Driving at 4 AM to airport so ice cream and netflix
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School day and its so sunny out!
Diamond! Taurus! It’s my birthday ^_^
"My butt’s too big for frilly shorts, my hair’s too curly for hats, I take pictures of what I cook, I want to hear that it’s good, I like to be nice, I like sarcasm, I want to get pushed around, I want to cuddle, I want to dress up, I want to be naked, I want to sip, I want to chug."
Can ya dig it

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April 12th
Best ladies in town

Feeling super reminiscenty tonight so, too bad for you guys
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Anonymous: post a picture of what you look like right now?

imageFor you Monsieur Anonymous. Excuse my gloom, but my tummy aches because a dirty cook put meat in my Dim Sum

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My beautiful best friend Gracie Girl left today for YWAM in Maui. I could not be happier for her. I anticipate her return and hope that these next three months will be as revolutionary for me as they are for her. Prayers are much appreciated, or even just a positive thought. I love you Grace!
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I have an opportunity to move right off of Coronado and I’m really wrestling with it.

My name is Isabella, I reside in Michigan.
I write poetry among other things,
I am a procrastinator with my French lessons,
I read too much, I laugh too much, I eat too much.
Please say Hello.


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