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Good day (summer 2014)
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The taste of summer 2014
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Bright Eyes | We Are Nowhere and It’s Now

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Alt-J (∆) // Breezeblocks

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"And when you and another were both fall and one day you find the other is covered with ice or new flowers, what have you, accept that.
Because not every person can be the same season and who cares if you don’t favor summer; someone else likes water sports and peeling the skin off their nose when the sun goes down."
Isabella Ruso

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My sister, Cassondra 2012
"People inspire you, or they drain you — pick them wisely."
Hans F. Hansen

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Posing summer 2011 for a friend’s photography class 
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Feb 23
Freshness you can taste! Isabella taking selfies in the bathroom with a cigarette she never intended on smoking. Happy was an understatement.
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My name is Isabella, I reside in Michigan.
I write poetry among other things,
I am a procrastinator with my French lessons,
I read too much, I laugh too much, I eat too much.
Please say Hello.


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